Lowongan Area Sales Manager-PT. Panti Kosmetika Baru

    Area Sales Manager-PT. Panti Kosmetika Baru

    Jakarta Raya | Ditayangkan: 11-July-2019 | Tutup pada 10-August-2019

    PT Panti Kosmetika Baru is an Indonesian company established in 1962 which specialized in trading and distribution for the past 50 years.
    PT Panti Kosmetika Baru is the sole exclusive distributor of PT Vitapharm’s products, with brand : VIVA Cosmetics, Red-A.
    This brand have developed into one of the most succesful brand in the cosmetic market in Indonesia.
    We have distribution network and branches in several big provinces in Indonesia also covered traditional and modern market include hypermarket such as : CARREFOUR, MAKRO, GIANT, HYPERMARKET, MATAHARI, HERO, ALFA Group and INDOMARET Group.
    PT Panti  Kosmetika Baru located in a more strategic office complex, located at the Pulo Gadung Industrial Estate in East Jakarta.
    PT Panti Kosmetika Baru PARTNER  : ( LAST 8 YEAR )
    Tropical  ( 2000 ) : Leader in Cooking Oil
    Intrasari ( 2001 ) : Various product from food to household – 2001
    Nutrisari ( 2004 ) : Local company with a competitive food & beverage product
    UCI ( 2007 ) : Charm – number one market share in sanitary
    Mamy Poko – market leader in modern and traditioanl market
    CMI  ( 2008 ) : Paseo, Nice, Toply and Jolly tissue as a market leader in modern channel,
    JHHP ( 2008 ) : Baygon , Bycleen, Autan, Byfresh – leader and well known products
    MAYORA ( 2009 ) : Growing company in food and beverages
    Other   : Makarizo, Ayam Brand, Terason, Zhuka

    Job Desc : 
    • Melakukan analisa pengembangan outlet (baru & existing)
    • Mengkoordinasikan dengan Dept FA (bagian Collection) mengenai validasi sales order harian
    • Menyusun / Mengajukan program Promosi yang berhubungan dengan trading term per customer
    • Melakukan review litenary / kunjungan customer setiap bulan
    • Melakukan evaluasi kerja Spv Sales & Salesman
    Persyaratan :
    • Usia 35 - 40 thn
    • Diutamakan Pendidikan D3 / S1 Manajemen pemasaran / ekonomi, bisnis
    • Pengalaman bagian sales marketing minimal 7 tahun di perusahaan distributor
    • Mengetahui Jalur Distribusi Tradisional & Modern Market
    • Out Of The Box
    • Bersedia melakukan perjalanan Dinas
    • Bersedia di mutasi bila diperlukan

    Being a professional organization, leading and best positively impact and improve the welfare and dignity of stakeholders.
    1. Develop quality human resources through continuous learning.
    2. Managing the financial system and a good investment and effectiveness.
    3. Develop operational system in accordance with the quality management includes, research and development, integrated information technology, logistics to support excellence service.
    4. Develop the business through innovative and environmentally friendly products.
    5. Keeping and maintaining systems and procedures to conform to the rules.
    1. Integrity
    2. Professionalism
    3. Solid Teamwork
    4. Sustainability
    5. Respect

    ALAMAT : PT. Panti Kosmetika Baru
    Kawasan industri Pulo Gadung, Jakarta, Indonesia


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