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    PT Sayap Garuda Indah or well-known Heli SGI has already received Government approvals as well as DGCA approvals to operate into and out of this Heliport operates in/out of this complex now. Heli SGI has extensive knowledge and experience with supporting the Mining and Exploration Industry in Indonesia.
    Our pilots have thousands of hours of experience, many of whom have worked in some of the toughest flying areas within the Asia Pacific Region.
    Air Bali Helicopter is the tourism arm of PT.Sayap Garuda Indah and operates under PT.Sayap Garuda Indah’s Air Operators Certificate (AOC) #135-004. Air Bali Helicopter is the first dedicated helicopter services company in Bali providing helicopter tours, medical retrievals, aerial filming and photography in Bali and across the region. With over twelve years of operation, we take pride in maintaining 100% safety record with nil accidents or incidents in our company history. This involves regular monitoring and auditing of all aspects of our operations. Air Bali Helicopter owns & operates The Bell Helicopter 206 family of turbine powered rotary wing aircraft is world renowned and considered to be the safest, most reliable aircraft of any kind flying throughout the world. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring you receive only the best, to provide a smooth and memorable experience from start to finish.

    Minimum Qualification should include the following:
    • Current CPL or ATPL License including a Class 1st Medical Certificate 
    • Total flight time hours - 250 hours
    • Total multi-engine hours - 50 hours
    • Total time on helicopter type - min 10 hours on B212/B412 (Type rating is preferred but not mandatory
    • Time in command in role (external load operations) - 300 hours
    • Experience in external load operation is preferred
    • Must have nil violation or accidents in the last five years
    • Operations base in Papua

    Heli SGI
    Our mining and exploration services include:
    • Geo/magno/spectro and seismic surveys
    • Mineral exploration and sampling
    • Equipment transportation and recovery
    • Personnel transportation
    • Mapping
    • Urgent freight and equipment transfers
    • Crew and equipment ferrying to remote or inaccessible areas
    Air Bali Helicopter
    Air Bali Helicopter offers tailor-make itineraries to suit client needs and offer competitive rates for private charter work. Examples of work we have undertaken include: aerial filming, aerial photography, medevac and personalized helicopter tours.

    ALAMAT : Air Bali & Heli SGI
    Benoa Heliport Complex, Jalan Raya Pelabuhan benoa, Denpasar Bali


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